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Waste Management

Every single day, more than 100,000 tons of waste distributed in Indonesia, with most of them threw in the water. This fact is worrying, considering previous report (Ellen MacArthur Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum) stated that if we keep distributing plastic garbage at this speed rate, the amount of waste will exceed the amount of fish in the sea (around 937 million tons of plastic and 895 million tons of fish) by the year of 2050.

Being aware of the danger our planet faced, the Indonesian government decided to legislate the laws about garbage and plastic waste, mainly revolved around the objective that in 2025, the garbage reduction has to reach 30%.

The next thing we can then consider is the fact that many companies and factories in Indonesia are more and more aware of the impact they give to the planet earth day by day, this then leads them to want to distribute their waste to the right cause, whether it is using biodegradable materials, recycling, composting, or throw their garbage in the right place.

There was a need amongst these companies to build a comprehensive plan on how to manage their waste. It is also their aim to maintain a garbage system that works perfectly for both the company and the planet while considering government regulations. Often, these companies need extra help from a waste management consultant to make sure they are handling their waste effectively and efficiently. Here’s the place where the opportunity lies. An environmental consultant is needed and on-demand, which is why it is an incredibly lucrative business opportunity. With the help of Tiraya Group, we find the right environmental consultant (an expert in each of their fields) and collaborate to influence companies to use our service and provide them the best advice suitable for their needs. These companies and even the Indonesian government would require our services because this will help to achieve their goal of reducing waste and hazardous disposal that are dangerous for the environment and the entire country.

Product and Services 

  • Water management
  • Wastewater management
  • Waste logistic and Routing
  • Water Resources and Quality
  • Waste Technology Advice
  • Advice to the financial sector
  • Design, build and contract management
  • Public sector and private sector waste clients


Bali, Indonesia

How to Get to Know The Project? 

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What are the things we’re looking for in an investor? 

  • We are looking for an experienced investor to open a business via a regionally exclusive investment agreement.
  • Someone with the vision and ambition to take care of the waste management system in the companies/ factories in Indonesia
  • Someone that has a passion for developing and distributing waste management system that is effective to help the environment

Support you can expect from the company

  • Business ideas
  • Business projection (projected ROI, annual business projections)
  • Strategic support from Tiraya
  • Integrated solutions for business objections
  • Numerous resources
  • Regulatory advisor
  • Legal assistance
  • Business planning
  • Taxes and finances assistance
  • Recruitment and management
  • Due diligence
  • Feasibility study