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Penetrating the Indonesian lucrative market is an important part of any business strategy. As one of the biggest population in the world, our market is large, homogeneous, and a traditional leader in most product categories. Commercial success in Indonesia relies on four factors: a strong product,comprehensive market entry strategy, a strong distribution and sales network, and local knowledge of regulatory and rules of having business in Indonesia. In most cases, companies fail because they lack of plan. Tiraya Group is your trusted local partner together with our extensive strong local knowledge and both local and international network in various sectors can save your time on preparation, while you are focusing on your core business, we will think about your succeed in market expansion project. Our unique full-service international consultative services approach makes us uniquely qualified to deliver strategic solutions in support of your business expansion plans everywhere you would like to go, whether Indonesian company planning to enter international market or foreign companies willing expand their services.

  • Investment Strategy

      We offer a holistic approach while implementing cutting edge research and innovative strategies, and maintaining our independence.

  • Post Investment.

While we believe the managers we team up with should keep their autonomy for the day-to-day management of the operations, we assist them through mentoring in their management of their companies..

1. Company Board

    Adopt an active role in the board to provide advice and guidance for the company and  maintain a thorough following of the activities of :

  • The development of budgets and strategic plans
  • The implementation of a financial strategy for the company (balance sheet optimization , working capital discipline and analytical reporting).

2. HR Policy

  • We start with identifying the areas that need strengthening
  • Help in finding the right candidates and interview them when necessary

3. Business Development

We identify growth or partnership opportunities locally as well as abroad. When  necessary, we assist management in the negotiation of major contracts.

    • Business Management

    We have trick and finding solutions that provide the best outcomes for everyone. We tailor our Business Planning Engagement specifically to the needs of your business, so you receive only the help you need, as often as you need it.

    • Project Management

    We manage proactive assets to reduce project stops and maximize project returns.

    1. Feasibility Studies

    2. Project Approvals monitoring

    3. Appointment of Master Planner, Architect and Other Consultants

    4. Design Review, Coordination and Value addition

    5. Project Planning

    6. Construction Technology Evaluation

    7. Contract Management

    8. Project Planning and Controlling

    9. Design Coordination

    10. Contract Administration, Review and Management

    11. Construction Management and Coordination

    12. Dispute settlement between developer and contractor

    • Capital Markets

    We advise on all aspects of regulatory compliance and contentious issues involving the banking, capital markets and investment fund sectors.

    • Business Restructuring

    Our Business Restructuring team provides corporate and personal insolvency, restructuring, debt restructuring, business transformation, turnaround, liquidity and operational improvement, pensions and contentious insolvency advice to a range of stakeholders including: domestic and international banks, corporations and their directors, private equity, alternative investment funds and government agencies. Guided by our values, we always uphold the highest standards of client confidentiality, integrity and client services.

    • Merger & Acquisition

    Tiraya Group advises corporate, financial and private investors on mid-market and cross border mergers and acquisitions. Our integrated offering of M&A advisory, due diligence, macroeconomic forecasting and tax structuring can deliver optimal solutions for our clients. Our only focus is to serve the client’s interest and to provide the highest level of service. That dedication and integrity has enabled us to establish ourselves as trusted and respected advisors.

    • Regulatory Advisor

    With our extensive knowledge of local regulations we are well-positioned to help investor or companies to deal effectively and creatively with regulatory and compliance issues.  We commit our local knowledge resources to investor meet regulatory requirements and keep their businesses running smoothly, no matter where they are based.

    • International Expansion

    In a time of globalization, an international footprint is increasingly important. Expanding internationally can allow retailers and brands to extend their customer bases, prolong the life of existing products, diversify risk and combat seasonality. But successful international expansion is complex. Distinct consumer preferences, competitive and cultural differences, and increased management and operational challenges require companies to make tough choices as they define their international strategies. But with Tiraya Group deeply rooted international culture and experience helping companies across multiple consumer sectors expand globally, we have the right resources to help you get there.

    • Market Entry Strategy

    We can help you develop your expansion strategy and plans as well as help you with their execution. Our team will bring of experience and knowledge of best practices to work with you and your teams to ensure you get the best return on your expansion investment plan and investment, we will bring you best plans and strategies.

               Our target are :

    • Market attractiveness
    • Potential bottlenecks to investment
    • Transportation and logistics challenges
    • Potential targets for investment
    • Potential returns
    • Securing Investment
    • Whether it is advisable to pursue investment opportunities in the market
    • Market Access

    We deliver the highest quality registered investment advisors data at the industry’s most affordable rates. works to bridge relationships between Tiraya Group  and third-party centers of influence, including accountants, attorneys, P&C brokers, benefits brokers, financial institutions and more.

    • Market Intelligence

    Our approach is to support all our clients’ competitive & marketing intelligence processes including

    • Company Profiles
    • Competitor Monitoring & Industry Tracking.
    • Customized Research.
    • Gathering information at trade shows, conferences and exhibitions.
    • Competitor & Product/Service.
    • In-depth competitive intelligence & market research aimed at answering specific questions about a competitor, market or industry.
    • Advising on strategic approaches to the market – including how markets may change
    • Checking for intelligence weaknesses or information leaks.
    • Market Research, Survey and Analysis

    We will provide you with comprehensive knowledge aids of a business to understand your consumer better, know their expectations from a specific product or service and gain an insight about the demand and supply ratio prevailing in the market.

    We are able to guide the respective businesses in various areas such as market knowledge, competitors and business prospects. These will be including :

    1. Competitor Analysis
    2. Customer Analysis
    3. Price Analysis

    We will provide complete guidance with authenticated reports, data processing and analysis.

    Our Methodologies :

    • Qualitative Research
    • Questionnaire Design
    • Sampling
    • Telephone Surveys
    • Feasibility Study

    We will assist, conduct and reporting of feasibility studies including ideas, campaigns, products, processes, and entire businesses. This assessment tools is used for proposing business to investors. Things to Include in a market feasibility study include:

    • Profile of the Industry
    • Current Market Analysis
    • Competition
    • Anticipated Future Market Potential
    • Potential Buyers and Sources of Revenues
    • Sales Projections
    • Commercial and trading development (sales development)
    • Due Diligence

    We do technical due diligence on investment opportunities in various sectors of business.

    • Investment due diligence
    • Acquisition strategy/targeting
    • Portfolio company strategy
    • Valuations

    We provide professional valuation services to help businesses keep abreast of changes in accounting standards, establishing the value of your business for commercial purposes such as buy / sell transaction pricing, internal management information and planning, litigation support and dispute resolution. Our services include, Financial Instruments, Employee Share Purchase and Option Plans, Transaction Valuation, Business Planning, Purchase Price Allocations & Valuation of Intellectual Property Rights, Goodwill Impairment Testing, Litigation & Dispute Resolutions, Fact-finding and modeling, quantification, valuation of shares / business, trial preparation and expert testimony.

    • Brand Positioning
    • Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage Research
    • B2B Marketing Research
    • Branding, Positioning
    • creates an inventory of information about your brand in the marketplace and brand awareness.

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