Study Cases

  • Assisting a family business of agriculture companies from Asia in their export plan to Middle East and South East Asia. The company has been in the business since 1975 and willing to expand their products to a larger consumers and territories, finding buyers buyers, distributors, and regulatory advisor.
  • Assisting one of the biggest animal feeds company in the Europe for their market entry plan to Indonesia, starts from regulatory advisor and market entry strategic approach
  • Assisting an animal feed company from Canada to enter a new potential market in Indonesia. Our work including market research and market entry strategy.
  • Representing an african-european aircraft manufacturer to find buyers and or investors for their research and development projects and expand their factory. They deal of up to USD 20 million is currently on going. Our works are including, market research, market entry strategy, government relations, regulatory advisor, business planning, marketing and sales, deal structure, due dilligence, and more.
  • Assisting european aircraft manufacturer to enter new market in Qatar and Indonesia
  • Becoming an exclusive distributor of an IT company from North America, we have been actively helping said company distributing their products across Indonesia, Qatar and Africa continent.
  • Assisting various technology companies from Asian, European, and United States to enter new market potential in Indonesia, Middle East and Africa. We have given a fully integrated services of business planning, market entry strategy, due dillegence, regulatory advisor, permit and licensing, products certificates, marketing strategy, locate investors and or distributors.

Assisting an Independent Power Producer from United Kingdom, to strengthen their market expansion plan in Africa for the development and operation of utility scale power plants across the continent. Our role was to identify potential partners. Identify Entry Points, Define Market Entry Strategy, planning, research, government contacts and deal representation for any governance tenders.

Our Services

Market Entry
Market Entry Strategy
Market Research and Analysis
Feasibility Study
Due Dilligence
Market Intelligence
Market Survey
Branding and Positioning
Legal Assistance
Joint Ventures
Competition and Regulatory
Corporate, Commercial Law and Legal contract
Mergers and Acquisition
Banking and Finance
Business Establishment
Business Consulting and Advisory
Company Registration
Business Licensing
Product and Brand Registration
Visa and Working Permit
Domicile Letter
Company Representative
Local Partner Representation
Local Negotiator
Local Distributor
Management Coordination
Land and Property Ownership
Corporate Secretarial
Corporate Event Organizer
Business Process
Human Resources Management
Accounting and Tax

Industry Opportunities

  • Real Estate
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aviation
  • Environment
  • Agribusiness
  • Chemicals
  • Consumer Products
  • Forestry
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Goods & Services
  • Transport and Shipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceutical

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